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DJ Engineering and DJ Composites
DJ Engineering Services Ltd / DJ Composites manufacture Wing Shop profile pre-preg carbon composite wings as well as constructing quality racecars.

One of the world's leading CFD vendors.

World renowned centre for vehicle technology, testing etc, including full scale wind tunnel suitable for motorsport use.

Brings in depth information on the design, engineering and aerodynamics of top level sports prototype racecars.

Racecar Engineering
The world's first and foremost international motorsport technology journal.

Veloce Publishing
'Named after the faster Alfa Romeo models, and with a pleasing nod to the manufacturer of Velocette motorcycles, Veloce has a simple philosophy. It is our mission to provide books of the highest quality in terms of content, accuracy, presentation, subject range and reader satisfaction to discerning automotive enthusiasts around the world.'

Ruper Berrington Action Photography
Rupert Berrington is an internationally renowned professional photographer who has had over 30,000 photographs published on 5 continents. He is best known for his award winning motorsports photography where he is a staff photographer for Sportscar, Grassroots Motorsports and Classic Motorsports magazines. He has also worked on assignment for Autosport, Autoweek, Road&Track and Sports Illustrated covering the Monaco GP, LeMans and the Indy 500.




































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