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Simon McBeath is the author of three motorsport books, all originally published by Haynes until that publisher's withdrawal from the market sector in 2014. However, Simon signed up with Veloce Publishing and the third edition of Competition Car Aerodynamics was published in Spring 2015. Competition Car Composites followed in July 2016 and Competition Car Data Logging may follow in due course.

Competition Car Aerodynamics followed the down-to-earth philosophy of its well-received predecessor Competition Car Downforce, but incorporated major updates and additional information to cover all aspects of aerodynamics. Theory is tackled in a comprehensive yet comprehensible way by the author who was granted unrivalled access to state-of-the-art fluid-flow simulation techniques, known as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Photographs and graphs - many seen in the successful 'Aerobytes' series in Racecar Engineering magazine (see Magazines) - are used to explain with unrivalled clarity how aerodynamic performance benefits are obtained in practice.

In March 2011 the 2nd edition was published including many of the wind tunnel studies seen in Aerobytes.

The 3rd edition features yet more case studies from the wind tunnel and from CFD projects, increasing its appeal to anyone wishing to gain an understanding of how a knowledge of aerodynamics can benefit the performance of all types of competition cars.

Competition Car Composites revised 2nd Edition, fully illustrated in colour, is a guide to all the main aspects of composite fibre reinforced plastic manufacturing techniques with the emphasis on the methods and materials that can be used in the home workshop. There is background on composite materials and their properties, step-by-step guides to basic 'wet' and 'dry' laminating techniques, help on pattern-making and mould-making, and then chapters on the use of higher-performance materials and technologies including 'pre-pregs'. Veloce published the revised 2nd edition in July 2016.

Competition Car Data Logging, also in its 2nd Edition, is fully illustrated in colour, and is a guide to data-logging from the basics upwards, including the various levels of systems available, from the single-channel rpm recorder, to intermediate-level systems recording serveral parameters, through to the advanced multi-channel data-loggers. No previous knowledge is assumed, there is even a basic guide to the computing side of things. From the principles of installing sensors, wiring, logger units etc to data analysis and interpretation.This book should appeal to everyone wanting to learn more about the art of data logging. This book had sold out in 2014 but may also re-appear in due course.






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